Block Management

We understand that each residential block is unique, and its management needs can vary.

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Our comprehensive

block management services include

  • Our computerised financial management system ensures that lessee funds are kept in protected statutory trust accounts and management accounts are accurately maintained to guarantee up to date financial information.
  • We provide annual budgets prior to the commencement of the next financial year. These are based on the previous year’s expenditure and any anticipated additional costs subject to client approval.
  • We produce quarterly statements of service charge expenditure against budget to give our clients information on how the money is being spent.
  • We collect service charge and ground rent payments in accordance with the terms of the leases.
  • We assiduously chase any arrears by letter and by phone and if necessary will instigate legal proceedings to recover the amounts owed.
  • We authorise and pay all invoices and payments for approved expenditure such as superior lessors, insurers, professional advisers and contractors subject to sufficient funds being available from the client account.
  • We provide competitive building insurance quotations, if required, from reputable independent brokers.
  • We maintain fully computerised records of all expenditure and transactions relating to the building and computerised records of all lessee accounts.
  • We ensure that client monies are held in trust in accordance with current legislation and RICS regulations and each property has a separate bank account.
  • We prepare annual accounts within three months of the year end to an accountant (if required) and deal with all queries raised by the auditors.
  • Our aim is to ensure that your building is maintained to the highest standards to protect and enhance the value of your home and to ensure peace of mind and client satisfaction.
  • We deal with all day to day repairs to the structure, fixtures and fittings and equipment subject to the terms of the individual leases.
  • We have access to a network of reputable maintenance companies who provide efficient and cost effective service for all types of small works.
  • We monitor and supervise all contractors including cleaners and gardeners to guarantee the quality, consistency and frequency of work.
  • We arrange and supervise maintenance contracts for all plant and equipment.
  • We regularly review and assess maintenance and repairs contractors to maximise benefit and value for money.
  • We conduct regular inspection visits to the property to ensure the smooth running of day to day services.
  • We ensure your building fulfils legislative requirements relating to health and safety, fire safety, asbestos, electrical and gas safety.
  • Additionally, we provide a 24 hour answering service for matters requiring immediate attention.
  • For major works such as external repair and decoration, we instruct a chartered surveyor to draw up a detailed specification for the works required.

The role of the chartered surveyor includes:

  • Obtaining estimates from reliable and approved contractors, serve the relevant Notices and supervise the contract.
  • Monitoring progress and costs throughout the contract, as well as keep clients advised and updated as required.
  • Checking and approving all works prior to contractors being released and paid.
  • The chartered surveyor fees are in accordance with the RICS fee scale.
  • We maintain up to date records of all lessees and respond promptly and fully to vendor enquiries so that sales are not delayed.
  • We maintain up to date records of all lessees and respond promptly and fully to vendor enquiries so that sales are not delayed.
  • We ensure that lessees and residents comply with the terms of individual leases to guarantee the smooth running of the building.
  • We regularly review all aspects of the property management operation to ensure maximum value for money from all aspects of service charge.
  • We provide a professional and efficient out of hours service for issues requiring immediate attention.
  • We produce clear reports in preparation for AGMs or Directors meetings if required by our clients.
  • We attend meetings as required by our clients.